Find me at my new home!

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.
And I’m going to get even worse.
I have an edit letter coming any day now, and then I’ll be retreating to the revisions cave to get THIS IS HOW IT ENDS polished and ready for the next step on its road to publication. This will mean even less time blogging, sadly.
I do, however, have a new home on the Internet I’d love you to check out. You can now find me at
You can find the latest news about me and my book there.
Thanks for visiting!

Exciting Things are Happening


I have a copy of this announcement on my computer desktop, and I look at it periodically to reassure myself that this isn’t all a dream.

THIS IS HOW IT ENDS is going to be a book. A BOOK. A hold-it-in-your-hands, put-it-on-the-bookshelf, smell-that-new-book-smell, BOOK.

I may be just a little excited about this 🙂